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Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Medway Council, by law, must try to offer enough childcare to meet local demand from working parents or parents who are studying or training for employment.

We are expected to consider the demand for particular types of childcare, and the amount and type of supply that currently exists. Where necessary, we encourage current childcare providers and schools to expand their provision, and new providers to enter the local childcare market.

Prior to 2014, a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) report was published every 3 years. From 2014, a report will be published annually on how we are meeting the duty to secure the right amount of childcare.

The 2014 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment involved measuring how well the current level of childcare meets the needs of the families in the local area, identifying gaps and how these can be resolved. This report also presents an analysis of parents’ childcare information seeking behaviour from parents and practitioners perspectives. It also suggests policy interventions to support the development of responsive services that would meet the needs of parents in the local area.

We hope this assessment will be useful to professionals and practitioners working with families, parents and carers, childcare providers, potential childcare providers and local investors.

Childcare sufficiency assessments (CSA)

CSA 2014/15


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